Lynn's Editing & Proofreading Services

​​Welcome! My name is Lynn Worton, and I can offer my services as a trained proofreader and copy editor, specializing in fiction, in both novel and novella formats. I have edited several different genres such as horror, YA dark fantasy, science fiction and paranormal romance, so I am willing to look at various fiction genres in the book world.  I have a keen eye for punctuation, grammar, spelling and story flow with which to help you, as an author, get the best out of your work. My aim is to provide an author (whether established or just starting out) with the means to produce a high standard of work before it is published. Your goals, your wishes, your work are my paramount concern. 

I also have over twenty years’ experience working with office based documents such as letters, databases (Word and Excel) and forms of various types. I have a certificate from Pitman’s Training with a pass for “Intermediate Business English”, which looks at spelling, grammar and punctuation in a business setting. Therefore, if you require proofreading of these and other documents, I would be willing to go through them for you with a fine toothed comb if necessary. I can offer suggestions on how to improve your letter writing skills, or help you by re-writing them to your requirements. I am also open to looking at Curricula Vitae (CVs) or any type of forms, such as an “Order of Service” for a wedding, christening or funeral. 

Whatever your circumstances, as a writer you bring the talent, the vision and the ideas, but you need a trained professional to look at your work with an objective, fresh eye, and raise it to the highest possible standard. I work with the utmost professionalism, and offer the very precise and insightful examination that your work needs. 

I take the relationship between author and editor/proofreader very seriously and understand that any material provided is “Strictly Confidential”, and I assure you that it will remain solely within my possession and will not be distributed to any third parties.

I am also an avid reader and reviewer and have a Facebook page called Book Reviews by Lynn and a blog by the same name where I showcase my reviews.