Lynn's Editing & Proofreading Services

 Editorial Services & Prices

I can offer a professionally trained editing service expressly tailored to your requirements. There are two basic categories of editing; which of them best suits your writing depends upon your needs as a writer and the level of work involved. I can work on manuscripts containing British or American English spellings.

Proofreading - This is a comprehensive sweep for errors, including formatting problems, spelling, grammar and inconsistencies. 

Copy Editing - Copy editing involves making suggestions and comments, asking questions to ensure clarity and consistency (e.g. definitions, structure and organisation, argument), and making editorial changes that will improve the overall quality of your work. A final proofread completes the process. 

Of course, your own requirements are personal, and it is difficult for me to assess the level of work involved without seeing your writing. The solution is simple: contact me, let me know what kind of editing work you want, and then we can agree on a suitable fee. Because I work independently, I can be flexible and work precisely to your requirements, and so I am in a position to offer a professional service at an affordable price.

My Editorial Approach 

My first consideration is that this is your work, and it must be your voice that emerges. Editing has a practical purpose: it helps the writing to achieve what the writer wants to accomplish. I am not here to impose my style, although I will ensure that your document conforms to the accepted standards of correct English. I am here to facilitate your work, and nothing more. 

Whatever your goals, I want you to be successful, confident that your writing is the best that it can be. 

The Process

Please contact me via e-mail, which I check daily. I can usually guarantee you a response to your inquiry within 24 hours, and very often sooner than that. Let me know what kind of service you want and any deadline that you have; if possible, you should include a short sample of your work. I'll get back to you, and we can agree on terms. Once I have received the manuscript, I will work through it using the highlight and strike-through function in Word. I will send the marked up work back to you so that you can look at my suggestions, accept or reject my corrections, respond to my comments and settle upon a final version with which you are happy. Throughout this time, we will need to keep in close contact with each other. Finally, you may return the manuscript to me for a final proofread if required and included in the fee. There are a few essential points to note:

  • Please contact me first via e-mail, rather than telephone. Time-zone differences make it awkward as I am in the UK. However, once we have agreed to work together, we can arrange phone contact if needed.
  • I can do minor formatting changes, but only to elements such as quotes, page numbering, headings and tables of contents, as I have no experience in design.
  • I have used a formatting programme to format PDF documents into epub and mobi formats for use on iPad's or Kindles, though only for my use rather than for manuscripts destined for publishing on various platforms. However, if you require this service, please ask.
  • I do not write original copy.
  • I could edit PDF documents, but it would take me longer to work through. Word documents are preferred.
  • I have no experience in fact-checking, so will not be able to offer this service.

I can offer special rates for more extensive manuscripts and returning clients. I am also happy to negotiate a fixed fee to avoid prohibitively high costs. When I've completed the work I will issue an invoice; I can accept payment by Paypal. Currently, I cannot accept credit card payments (unless through Paypal) or non-sterling cheques/checks/drafts. The following rates apply:


If your writing is already polished and merely needs a final check for occasional errors, then you require a proofreader. This service is the fastest; perfect if you have a deadline looming and need a last-minute check for mistakes.


US$5.00 / GBP£5.00 per thousand words. 

Copy Editing

In addition to correcting basic errors, I will make revisions on matters of grammar and narrative flow. I will also suggest changes to improve the clarity of your document, adding a comment, a question or a suggestion for you to take further. Improving the overall structure and effectiveness, as well as merely the 'correctness', of any written work is the function of copy editing.


5,000 - 20,000+ Words: US$10.00 / GBP£9.00 per thousand words. 

40,000 - 70,000+ Words: US$9.00 / GBP£8.00 per thousand words. 

80,000+ Words: US$8.50 / GBP£7.50 per thousand words.

Or US$3.00 / GBP£3.00 per page. 

Developmental Editing

These edits are used to help an author fully develop the plot and characterisation elements of a novel. They are in-depth and require a great deal of time and emotional involvement in a project. Generally, the development edit occurs immediately after completing the first draft (This is not a beta read. Beta readers offer "impressions" of a story once it is mostly ready for market, whereas the first read of a newly formed book requires time, talent and thought to offer insight into the overall work.) When an editor is helping an author develop the characters and plot lines, he or she might mark the manuscript for copy editing issues as well as any content problems. I do not necessarily offer this service, but would be willing to discuss incorporating this service if needed. Therefore, if you require more detailed editing to your manuscript, i.e. substantive or developmental editing, please contact me to discuss your needs in more depth as this service will be time-consuming and the cost will reflect this.

For both the Copy Editing and Proofreading services, I would be happy to work on the first chapter for free. This sample will allow me to show you my expertise and method. It also allows me to get a feel for your book. If, however, you are not happy with my suggestions and/or changes once the chapter's returned, we would part company with no bad feelings. However, if you are happy for me to continue, then I will proceed with the appropriate course of action and complete the remaining book. Once completed and returned, I will send an invoice through Paypal for the manuscript minus the number of words in the first chapter. This invoice will then require paying within 14 days from the date issued. If unable to pay the amount in full, a payment plan is available, so please contact me to discuss details.

Please note: I do get swamped. Don't leave it to the last minute to contact me! Bear in mind that a long work such as a novel of 70,000 to 100,000+ words can take between 3-5 weeks to complete. Your work needs proper care and attention, and enough time to ensure that it is produced to the highest level of professionalism.